Haunt your Enemies ( Or friends)
  • Haunt your Enemies ( Or friends)
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If you are a gambling type with a vendetta this is the reward for you Since I have no idea what the parameters of the afterlife and haunting in general, and a sneaking suspicion they might not even exist, but no definitive proof either way, this reward cannot be guaranteed. All I can say is I will do my best to make it happen. So here's what it is- I will sign an agreement with you that at some point after my demise I will return to the material plane on at least five occasions and provide the best quality haunting of either one of your enemies or a loved one. If it is an enemy I will scare the living shit out of them and make them regret the day they crossed you. If it is a friend I will do my best to give them at the very least a comforting experience and at best a thrill they shan't soon forget. You will be responsible for drawing up the contract and any postal fees that may be incurred in the back and forth till we seal the deal. This reward is only available to one claimant as I can make no assurances about the possibility of multiple haunting possibilities, knowing nothing whatsoever about the laws of the spectral planes. This reward comes with 10 copies of the vinyl record or cd shipped anywhere in the world. Should someone actually claim this reward I will use the additional funds to hire a local videographer to make a budget documentary featuring me spending a night in an allegedly haunted house. As well as the haunting. 7,682 bucks

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