John Carroll's successful 25 year career as a singer, songwriter and performer is deeply rooted in his ability to create mindful, pithy, and insightful songs from his observations of everyday life. He is a sure footed teller of yarns, and his tales of wit are woven seamlessly through song and stage banter, making him an enthralling live performer. His songs gain further depth by his skilled finger-style and slide guitar playing, lending an aching melody or creating gritty background for the images embedded in his lyrics.

To date, John has recorded five full length albums (True Confessions of an Infamous Liar – 2002, Lost Radio – 2008, Everybody Smokes in Hell -2012), with  critically acclaimed engineer, Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn Studio, (Kathleen Edwards, Jim Bryson, Camp Radio, HiLo Trons)  Live at the Acoustic Grill -2014 and his latest release Sings and Plays, Plays and Sings Volume 1-  2021  Produced by Philippe Charbonneau

Canada's top folk, roots and world music magazine, PENGUIN EGGS stated:

If Hades had a telephone line to Earth, a call from down there would sound like John Carroll's voice on Everybody Smokes in Hell.”

The Halifax Herald praised the album also, saying they felt like the album's songs were “covered in dust and ash,” like they came from “the back porch of a back roads curio shop.

January of this year, John will be released his first live solo album, recorded at renown venue The Acoustic Grill, in Picton, ON, appropriately named "Live at The Acoustic Grill". John is the eighth seasoned artist to be recorded for the Acoustic Jams series, following the likes of Tom Wilson, Al Lerman and Brock Zeeman.  Ottawa Citizen called the album "SPELLBINDING"!

John's first two full length solo albums, “The True Confessions of an Infamous Liar,”(2003) and “Lost Radio” (2008) were well received, sold and continue to be sold to audiences all over Canada, the U.S and Europe. All of John's albums fit into “a variety of genres and time-periods, all the while synthesizing the eclectic elements (of) his music into a coherent, contemporary and colorful sound” ( Whether its performing for national broadcast on Canada Live with his band (CBC Radio One & Two, 2008), playing solo for the packed house of his weekly at The Chateau Lafayette, or traveling to the many music houses across Canada, John's music treats his audiences to the vibrational equivalent of coming home.