Excerpt from latest news letter

I have decided to post this excerptfrom my newsletter. It may seem a bit redundant if you read my first blog post but I am gradually fleshing out a means of integrating my ever evolving philosophy of the relationship between art and commerce and I think this also adds some ideas to that goal.

As you  may have noticed I stripped away a lot of the promo material from my website. All that was well intentioned but in retrospect ultimately misguided. My hope is that I can fashion a new way forward as an independent artist. One that doesn't involve the endless pyramid scheme that is the current music industry. One that doesn't demean the work I do or insult the intelligence of the people who enjoy it. I feel like there is a better way forward for all artists. 

You are able to decide whether something works for you, and while I have accrued much great hype about what I do over the decades, as well as some sweet sweet derision along the way, I think the experience of what I or any artist has to offer is best served when not mediated by either the official critics or the throngs of self appointed critics that are stinkin' up the joint. There is only one equation that truly matters and that is the one that transpires between artist-art- audience. 

If you a curious about some of the latest sources that are shaping my understanding and beliefs about what it means to pursue the path of an artist in this world we find ourselves in, here are some recommendations (this saves me blowing a lot of hot air trying to sound smarter than I am trying to express ideas that are ultimately not my own, even if they found me predisposed to them)

Books- Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice by JF Martel- probably the number one treatise I have found on what makes art so critical to our existence and why we so badly need it to find real connection and meaning. I cannot emphasize adequately how brilliant I feel this book is and I feel like everyone would benefit tremendously from reading this book.

La Vita Contemplativa and The Burnout Society both by Byung Chul Han ( anything really by Byung Chul Han) I think these speak to the antidote to the current popular gig economy ethos that has somehow convinced us that our most prudent course of action is to commodify every aspect of our existence and then give it away for no meaningful compensation other than a few pennies and some “likes" 

If I am going to give my life's work away for nothing it's going to be on my own terms. (spoiler alert I am probably going to be giving away a lot of my life's work)

Technic and Magic by Federico Campagna- this guy is brilliant and his idea that our addiction to codifying every aspect of our reality and pretending everything that can't be codified is not real hits home for me. We don't need to explain the universe away to find meaning in our lives and in fact doing so eliminates the possibility for us to connect with meaning, and does double duty by robbing us of the joy of mystery. 

Things that aren't books- Rick Beato, the youtuber recording engineer, producer guy on crusade to single handedly restore musical literacy to the internet with his intelligent, informative and sometimes click baity videos recently did some interviews with Ted Gioia where they do some deep but very accessible diving on the subject of spotify and streaming as well as the emergence of AI in the music and art world. I think these are great takes on the issue and provide a lot of food for thought on our relationship with the music we listen to. 

Steve Albini's recent passing led me down a bit of a rabbit hole watching addresses he has given where he explores the merits of physical media vs digital media. He was well known for his adherence to analog tech in recording and it is no accident he remained committed to those methods, even after the advent of digital tech. He was a brilliant person and I  recommend checking out what he has to say about the long term viability of digital mediums. 

All this to say I am hoping to find new ways to  keep making music, develop my skills and explore the deeper realms of song creation and writing. I will be exploring these subjects in detail and hopefully artfully in this , as well as continuing to create music. I am currently working on a recording project that I will update you all on as I go. 

It is my goal to open up possibilities to continue to sustain myself on this journey that may not be conventional but hopefully reflect integrity and a rejection of the current models. I do not expect everyone or even most of the people who follow what I do to support me financially directly without at least some immediate reward and I  intend to offer my music, at least some of it, freely.

As well as opportunities to purchase physical copies of cds, and albums I am going to start offering  small runs of cassettes. I have also decided to abandon the patreon model as well because I found the pressure to generate constantly ended up with me pumping out a lot of substandard material. Of course random financial support is always welcome, but I am just as happy if you support any independent artist in the same way. 

So my approach is going to be to rely on my belief that people will show up for things they believe in. That doesn't have to be everyone just enough of this. We can find a way forward.

I will also get back to doing live listening shows at some point in the not too distant future and perhaps even the odd live stream on band camp if support seems strong. 

All of this will be represented online by this website, mailing list and bandcamp at least for now. As well in the non virtual world I continue to do my weekly performances at the Chateau Lafayette every Wednesday night , and the Elmdale on Mondays. Some of my blogging will be inspired by the experience of doing these regular shows, the Lafayette has been running for 20 full years in October, and it has been a trip. 

I will not apologize for long letters either, but I will also conduct experiments in brevity, and of course absurdity. 

So I am going to wrap this up for now, but may well post this on my blog also, just as a kind of scarecrow for people who get put off by the in excess of 140 characters universe. 

I may not send out monthly emails, I may send out more than monthly, but I promise I will only send out stuff that is not written for the sole purpose of meeting a deadline. And I will include a free download when it makes sense to do so . 

I thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you stick around to connect. If you do find this doesn't suit you , I urge you to find something that does in the music universe and support it instead. There are so many great independent artists, and maybe more access to them than ever before, and you need them and they need you. Please consider signing up for my mailing list if you haven’t already.