Welcome to my new blog. 

I have jumped ship. 

In the modern music world independant and otherwise, social media is touted as the gold standard for promotion of your work. Or so I assume.

Myspace seemed like a good idea at the time. But then every subsequent social media platform that emerged seemed like the alarm company constantly getting me to replace and upgrade the entire system. The first one worked fine. 

But facebook, it was like when crack came out in the 80s. It was new, it was fresh and it tore through the ghetto of our imagination, destroying everything in its wake. I used all the time. But enough is enough. The ghost of Nancy Reagan swooped down into the depths of the inferno and pulled me out. She taught me to “just say no”. I deactivated my account and now I am living clean. On a new path. A zealous path. A righteous path. Thanks Nancy. 

I found it gratifying, as I am sure many of us do, to post quips, and show promo, and I took pleasure in trying to craft entertaining posts, and puff away on all the likes and interaction that occasionally ensued. 

But one thing I never really took  from social media was the sense that my use of it was adding anything meaningful to the world. 

After a while it began to feel like a bit of a hamster wheel, and my ultimate conclusion, at least for now is that while social media is incredibly profitable to a small select group of people, for most of us it is a drain, a disconnect and a blaring siren heralding  the age of appearance. An age where being perceived as having a happy, productive and meaningful life is more important than actually having a happy, productive and meaningful life. 

So I jumped ship. 

As someone who has commited my entire existence to creating art, for better or for worse, in a period where the ability to make a living doing art has almost completely imploded, I feel the only thing to do is to blaze a new path forward. 

For a while, especially during the pandemic, when my ability to support myself and my family with music, mostly through live performances, dried up (thankfully it's back!) I got caught up in the idea of creating “content”. Engaging people with ‘content’.  I don't think the world needs more content. I think we are drowning in content. Content void of meaning. Content void of connection. 

I think the world needs the kind of work that comes from long deep explorations into the abyss. Work that issues forth from a sense of dedication, purpose, and feeling. Feeling that arises when you take long periods of time to do nothing. The addiction to productivity is lethal. 

We don't need catchy soundbites that bounce around in an echo chamber that give us a false sense of being secure in the tribe. We need the real. We need work  that isn't afraid to be a little out of tune, stuff that has glimpsed something, maybe by accident, maybe at the end of a long frustrating journey through a dark night of the soul. Stuff that got beat up along the way. Stuff that knows we all get beat up along the way. 

So it's a work in progress. I know I am far from being the only artist who senses that a lot of the “ industry” built around the arts have choked the very life out of the arts.  I want to move forward. I have come a long way, on an unconventional road even by old standards. But there is still some road ahead.  Time to find a new way forward. I think it is up to all of us to draw focus back to meaningful things. We are not going to stop the tsunami of commodification that is eating the world. Maybe we will. I don't know, I am no prophet. 

So I am going to keep on working on music, and I have been, But I will put it up when it feels ready. I will make it available, and try to figure out ways to make it pay. You can help. If it moves you. If it doesn't, support something that does move you. Let yourself be moved. It doesn't have to be me. 

Right now I am swimming to shore. At least I think it's shore. I find writing easy. It certainly feels good.  I am going to keep writing here while I work on my music. I will post about music related happenings.  I will also expound on what being a musician, a creator of songs, and dreamer in the world is revealing to me. And what works, and what didn't work. And what happened before. A lot happened. 

In the meantime some of my work is on this website, I will add more. Feel free to peruse it. Feel free to buy it if you like it. 

Thanks for reading