Welcome to the presale page for my upcoming album, John Carroll Sings and Plays, Plays and Sings. This will be my first release in almost 8 years and my first ever solo acoustic studio album.

The projected release in October 2021 for Vinyl, and June 2021 for the digital downloads and CD's. 

All CD's and Vinyl will be shipped within a week of release. 



With the exception of purchasing only the Vinyl record, and owing to the high cost of shipping Vinyl, all prices except lone vinyl include shipping. If you live in the Ottawa area and purchase Vinyl, I can deliver it to you personally and save the cost of shipping. 



A quick story, when I was 17 years old , I got my first income tax refund. It was around 600$ a bigger chunk of money than I had ever had at once, I immediately took the whole amount down to Songbird Music ( now Spaceman) and purchased a Fostex 4 track cassette recorder. A home studio. This was the beginning of a life long love affair with analog recording, and all of my studio records have been recorded on analog tape. The tape imparts a sort of magical warmth to the recording and in spite of the brilliance of modern digital technology and it's incredible convenience, that warmth has not been successfully recreated digitally. So a big part of this record is that it will all be tracked on a Tascam Syncaset 234 4 track recorder that I am now using, and will be professionally mixed and mastered. In this way I will be capturing some of that beautiful analog warmth and committing it to vinyl and cd. 

The desire to do a stripped down album like this has been informed by a few considerations. First and foremost I feel as though my songwriting and ability to tell a story through a song is really  getting somewhere interesting and I want to emphasize the lyrics, and the story they are telling. The beauty of a great lyric has been something that has infatuated me my whole life, and my main aspiration as an artist has been to bring a feeling to the listener that engages the imagination and resonates on the deeper levels of awareness. This is some of my best songwriting to date and I have spared no effort in building these songs, some of them taking weeks and months to get right. As well it seems so much of songwriting these days is focused on stylish production and musical athleticism, and somewhere in all that fanfare and gloss the stories and lyric craft have fallen by the wayside. I wanted to create lyrics that left room for the listener to get inside the song and have a somewhat cinematic experience almost exclusively through the lyrically expression. 



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John Carroll Sings and Plays, Plays and Sings

John Carroll

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Expected release: September 21, 2021

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